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The Aaron Kwok Interview - Wei-UK Consulting

The Aaron Kwok Interview

The Aaron Kwok Interview

18 October, 2014 - Interviews

One of the “four kings” Aaron Aaron, will hold his first solo concert England on October 27 in London – Dance Pro feast, and this is his only concert in the 2014’s. In the eve of the concert, Aaron went to England to participate in special activities, and also accepted the reporter’s interview with magazine column. Set the “Asian Dance King” and Golden Horse best actor Aaron Kwok for one, talked about his grasp of music, dance, movies.

shot02_0105_ppQ: finally a concert in the UK, the British fans are looking forward to your many years, how do you feel now?

Aaron Aaron: This is the first time I came to the UK concert, very excited! Because this is my very favorite place. Talked about the origins of words, we all know that I grew up in Hong Kong, before there was a British colony, which grew to accept some of the traditional British education, which influenced me deeply. So, every time I have kind of come to the UK in particular sense of familiarity, I feel a lot of old friends all live in the UK. Like this time to a concert, the feeling is performing in front of my folks, let them listen to my songs, put me on the stage for years of performance experience accumulated unreserved show in front of them, and this is my dream of an invitation.

Q: This invitation will bring you stress?

Aaron Aaron: For me, not too much pressure, above the stage and I’m a performer, playing in front of an audience like the best state. To achieve the best state is to exercise themselves, this exercise does not refer to a concert a couple of months in advance to prepare, but three decades of experience in stage performances and two decades of singing experience I accumulated. In doing new concert before I would go back to their digestive feelings again, thinking I was in this concert which should exhibit what. I think as a singer is very happy, you can put my dance show to everyone, everyone can accompany the growth in the live band songs to sing for everyone. I have a good team, they gave me the concert will bring great sound, very beautiful stage design, so that I can bring everyone to feel the kind of atmosphere, this opportunity is not for me to life there will be many times, so I’m very grateful.

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