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D2B1AFCF-F659-4821-813A-57CC485CA578 copyIn two weeks MINT EDITION will close its very first Chinese consumer data survey. The first of its kind to provide demographic, consumer preference and media engagement preference data specific to Chinese consumers visiting and living in the UK. Of the 3,255 total responses gathered so far, 961 respondents identified themselves as MINT EDITION magazine readers, thus making MINT EDITION the only UK publication with a detailed and comprehensive Chinese readership profile.

Along with MINT EDITION’s already submitted distribution evidence, the data is being submitted for validation to global media auditing firm BPA Worldwide. Making MINT EDITION the only Chinese media publication in the UK to have both its distribution and readership profile independently verified.

“It is a unique step amongst publishers to provide media buyers and advertisers a seal of trust in both the magazine reach and audience research data. We are delighted to have worked on this innovative project with MINT EDITION and are confident media buyers will benefit from the added assurance this audience validation brings” commented BPA Worldwide President and CEO, Glenn Hansen.

Not only is this a huge achievement for a Chinese media publication in the UK, but internationally as well. Very few Chinese media brands take the effort to provide such transparency, none of the major Chinese newspapers independently audit their circulation or readership. Only China Daily, an English language publication, audits the distribution of their international editions, but not their readership profile. In the magazine world, big name brands such as Vogue China, GQ China, and Cosmopolitan China fail to audit either. All of them relying on the international reputation of their brand names to draw in advertisers, instead of quantitative reach evidence.


“Despite being a very niche and young brand, the data shows that MINT EDITION not only reaches resident and visiting Chinese consumers, but that we have a hugely engaged following amongst this highly sought after and notoriously difficult to reach demographic.” said Steven Bywater, director at WEI Consulting responsible for overseeing the data survey and MINT EDITION’s distribution.

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The data survey is still ongoing until June 15th 2015, with full audit report scheduled for release in early July 2015. Current highlights include:

  • 24,254 print copies per issue (audit estimate expected between 23,000 – 24,000)
  • 32,212 social media followers on Sina Weibo and Tencent WeChat
  • Estimated 69,660 readership
  • 27% New Readers / 73% Existing Readers
  • 56% Visitors / 44% Residents
  • Median HHI range £50-100kpa (29% earning over £100kpa)
  • 89% Mainland Chinese Readership

For more information regarding the entire data report please contact Steven Bywater on